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Haiti Relief Fund Through Your Cell Phone

January 15th, 2010 No comments

Update: 6:20 EST, Friday, January 15 2010

So far as I know, if you text donations to any carrier other than AT&T, the service provider will waive the normal text charges. I guess the (twisted, greedy) spirit of Ma Bell still lives within AT&T. Way to go guys! For all other carriers – WAY TO GO GUYS! 🙂

You can help

This is just a quick post from special circumstances. I’m sure you’ve heard of what’s going on with Haiti right now, and the images coming out of there from the news networks would make you cry your eyes out. There’s a technology spin on this, though.

I have Verizon for my cell phone service, and I just donated $10 to the Red Cross using it. It was quick, easy, painless, and the right thing to do. If you’ve got a cell phone, most likely you could donate another $10 in about two minutes to one of eight different charities, and I’m pretty sure it works for just about any service provider.

Look here:

… and pick your charity. As far as using your cell phone goes, it’s a four step process.

  1. Text whatever number corresponds to you choice of donation. For me, it was 90999 and the text was “HAITI”
  2. You get an immediate text back asking to confirm your donation. For me, it asked that I just text “YES” back.
  3. You get another instantaneous response asking if you want to continue getting text updates from your chosen charity. This may only be a Red Cross thing, but you can just text whatever they ask to them to not spam you. In my case, I just texted back “STOP”.
  4. One more text comes back confirming your donation and your preference to not receive any more messages.

That’s all there is to it. Your next service bill gets a small bump, and $10 goes to helping a country that not only helped give us the Louisiana Purchase which doubled the size of our nation 200 years ago, but which most probably just lost a full one percent of it’s entire population. That’s 100,000 people. Think about it. $10 will get you maybe two lattes at Starbucks in the USA. $10 in Haiti might buy enough antibiotics to save a few people’s lives. Take a few minutes out of your day, go to the Huffington Post page, pick your charity, and give, tech-style. It’s good for the soul.