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Who runs this site?

John O’Grady is a software engineer/architect who has worked for some very large companies in the past few years, and yet still likes what he does.  Go figure.  He codes, builds computers, reads technical manuals voraciously, and likes to speak about himself in the third person.  In other words, he’s a geek’s geek.


Lately he’s found himself with more “thoughts” about computers than could be drained by his day job (or his therapist), and so he started a modest little blog where he could record his humble adventures in the computer field on his way to taking over the world.

Seriously, there are two driving principles at work on this site and both come from Latin proverbs. The first is “Qui docet discit”, which translates colloquially to “The best way to learn a subject is to teach it”, or literally to “He who teaches, learns”. This relates to the “in training” part of my Evil Genius title. I don’t know everything, and even of those things I know there is always more to learn.

The second proverb is “Qui scribit bis legit”. This very succinctly translates to “He who writes reads twice”, which describes the very best way to memorize the unbelievable amount of information about technology that not only exists right at this moment, but is being added to hourly in our increasingly technology-centric society.

Contact Info:

Should you find any problems with the site, have suggestions to improve the site, or would like comment personally about something I wrote in choice scatological terms, you can use the official MyTechHell email address which I check at least once a year: mytechhell@gmail.com

Just make sure that if you are going to flame me, you follow the rules.

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    What, No review of Dresden:Changes yet?

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