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JSF Tricks: Abstracted Actions

December 17th, 2009 2 comments

JavaServer Faces – Aw, crap…

I hate JavaServer Faces. I think JSF is a bloated abstraction-fest and just about any other framework makes it easier to write MVC applications – even Struts. That being said, I’ve had to recently work with the beast, and in doing so I had to figure out how to do some things that wouldn’t even be an issue in Spring MVC, but required a workaround in JSF. One of those things is abstracting out actions from the JSF tags, and what follows is how to do it.
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Spring ResourceBundle Property Configurer

December 4th, 2009 No comments

Spring Logo

I haz a problem!

I had a problem, as I often do with the frameworks I work on. I wanted to set properties in my spring context configuration file with externalized strings à la i18n. It seemed like a reasonable request at the time – and then I had several hours sucked out of my life by internet searches with terms like “propertyplaceholderconfigurer i18n”, “propertyplaceholderconfigurer externalized strings”, and near the end when my brain cells started committing seppuku out of loathing of whining forum posters and rage at bofh post answerers, “job openings mcdonalds”.
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