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Frozen Explorer

January 21st, 2010 1 comment

A common problem, unfortunately…

This is a simple trick that will save you from having to restart your pc at inopportune times.  The setup – you are working along, minding your own business, writing your [insert invaluable document name] Word document, when out of the blue Windows Explorer freezes up.  You know the symptoms – you can’t click on anything on the desktop… you drag a window around and it leaves “trails”, which everyone will automatically cover the entire desktop in (because it’s fun!).  A few seconds later, you realize that you can’t get to your Word document as well, and you hadn’t saved it.  “That’s [x] hours of work!” you silently scream to yourself as you contemplate the glowing frozen tableau in front of you, dread slowing sinking down into the pit of your stomach.  Now what the hell do you do?

The answer is to try this trick.  It can’t hurt, and it just might recover your computer enough to save your document and restart.  It actually might allow you to keep working normally, but when I’m doing something important, I usually ere on the side of caution – the side where you save anything and restart just to make sure. Read more…

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